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Monday, March 1, 2021

Change Is In Her Hands

Empower 50 female entrepreneurs to change their lives in Sargodha, Pakistan through a unique small business program offered by women for women.

There is no shortage of capable women in Sargodha, only a shortage of opportunity for them to earn an income and participate equitably in the workforce.

Sobia is a talented seamstress, but the only jobs available pay too little to support her family. With her skills, Sobia knew she could start a thriving business.

In 2019, Sobia received business training and a custom toolkit complete with a sewing machine to get her started. Today, Sobia earns more than enough income to support her family of five and pay for her mother’s heart medication and her sibling’s school fees. Sobia dreams of starting a sewing centre to teach young women and help them start businesses – so they too, can support their families and chart their futures.

The unique small business program brings skilled women into small working groups where they create business plans, participate in leadership training and receive community mentorship. After their training, each woman entrepreneur handpicks items to build her toolkit; the missing pieces to launch her business.   

You can help put the tools in her hands to build a better future:
  • $50 enables a small group of women to meet monthly for a year, supporting one another as they build their businesses
  • $130 provides business and leadership training for each small group participant
  • $250 provides networking meetings with heads of companies, non-profits and government departments to help participants grow their businesses
  • $800 (or $65 per month) provides a custom toolkit for one female entrepreneur

Monday, February 8, 2021

Sharing love so mothers in Honduras can keep sharing theirs

The realities of poverty will never overwhelm a mother’s love for her family. But those realities of extreme need are creating impossible situations for mothers to care for their families as their own health is under constant threat from illness and disease.

Life is hard in rural Honduras. In fact, six out of every ten households experience extreme poverty and are forced to try and survive on less than $3 a day.

To make matters even worse, health education, disease prevention training and health care services, including timely diagnosis and treatment of conditions and illnesses that can quickly become life-threatening, are nonexistent.

A recent women’s health survey in rural Honduras found that 92% of the more than 1,000 women examined had severe and acute infections, many of which will become life-threatening if left untreated.

A gift of $44 today is a gift of good health for a mother and hope for a family and can directly help 750 vulnerable women access:
  • Hygiene training, health education and support, significantly reducing the number of infections and illnesses
  • Timely diagnosis and treatment of infections and illnesses - before they become disabling or life-threatening. It will save lives
  • Training in the prevention of transmittable diseases. It will significantly reduce high rates of sickness and mortality. When disease is detected, immediate treatment will be available
  • Early detection of cancer and assistance. Help navigating treatment at specialized health care facilities in major centres will save lives

Monday, January 4, 2021

More HOPE. More People. More Possibility.

In 2020 HOPE celebrated 45 years of the transformational power of compassion and generosity that has transformed the lives of more than 25 million people. HOPE supporters believed in the possibility of people and said "yes" over and over as they invested in their potential.

Despite a difficult year for many people around the world, including here in Canada, compassionate people exceeded our expectations of what was possible. In the face of a year that told us to be apart - they were a declaration of the hope that rises when we join together.

In 2021 HOPE will continue to be compelled by the inherent worth, potential and dignity of every person as we keep working together to ensure even more families have access to clean water, food security and learning opportunities that help enable people to step out of extreme poverty.

Together, we'll continue to equip and empower possibility through approaches that are locally initiated, sustainable and permanent with a focus on clean water, food security and livelihoods.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Whether you buy gifts sent directly to families overseas or gifts for under the tree, you're helping families step out of extreme poverty with Gifts of HOPE.

Clean water, safe sanitation and health supports start something big. The benefits - good health, more time for family and livelihood - begin as soon as the water flows in a community.


Gifts of livestock, agricultural training, tools and seeds enable families to grow their way out of poverty permanently.


Gifts of livelihood training, education and life skills are more than practical, they’re a gift of hope that fuels lifelong opportunity.


Monday, November 16, 2020


GIFTS OF HOPE, our online Christmas store, is full of thoughtful gifts that change lives and brighten yours.

From gifts of clean water, food security and education for families around the world, to baskets, blankets and artisan handicrafts for under the tree, there's something for everyone this Christmas in our online store.

Every gift gives hope, joy and possibility to families experiencing extreme poverty.


Monday, November 9, 2020

11,000 people step away from chronic hunger

A reliable food supply is creating self-sufficiency and a way out of poverty. HOPE supporters are ensuring over 11,000 more people step away from chronic hunger by the end of this year. 

Garden tools, vegetable seeds, tree seedlings, fish fingerlings and training are creating significant increases in both the quality and quantity of food families grow. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, improvements in fingerling quality and fishpond management are yielding a 300% increase in fish harvests. 

Supporter generosity is helping families become self-sufficient:
  • 1,600 people are benefiting from 40 animal banks and 120 home gardens
  • 5,000 people are benefiting from agriculture and animal husbandry training, fishponds, gardens and fruit tree orchards
  • 4,800 people are benefiting from seeds, fruit tree seedlings, tools and training
Thank you for helping ensure families are able to step away from chronic hunger permanently.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Transformation for thousands of people is possible this Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, our hearts are with families experiencing chronic food shortages and ever deepening hunger in countries like Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo to name just a few. Floods, storms, landslides, eroding economies, armed conflicts and COVID are the obstacles face as people simply try to access food.

A gift will help provide garden tools and seeds to establish year-round household vegetable gardens, seedlings to create backyard fruit tree orchards and fish fingerlings to stock family fishponds. It will also provide the training needed to ensure families make the most of the resources you give. With a gift, people can transform their lives and step out of hunger and poverty, just like Dawili did when he received help.

“Fishponds have transformed my life and my family,” says Dawili who started with one fish pond and expanded as his confidence grew. Today, Dawili is a successful fish farmer with a secure source of nutritious food year-round and a reliable income that enables him to meet all of his family’s needs and even send his daughter to university - a first for his family.

You can make a lifetime of difference by putting tools. resources and training in the hands of families so they can become self-sufficient and put food on their tables every day.


Friday, September 25, 2020

For children in rural areas of the Philippines and South Sudan, education is THE path out of extreme poverty.

One of the biggest reasons extreme poverty remains so pervasive in Mindanao, Philippines and Ibba, South Sudan is because today's adults did not have access to education when they were children.

Helping provide an education for kids in South Sudan and the Philippines is the best way to ensure they do not become adults trapped in extreme poverty. 

A better tomorrow starts with a better today.

Your help is what children need in order to get back to school and start learning how to make their dreams of becoming teachers, health workers, tradespeople and self-reliant shop owners come true.

$46 provides a quality education, additional training for rural teachers and help families learn how to protect their health.

$84 provides the teachers children need, school supplies and educational equipment.


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Thriving in an urban environment in India

An alarming rise in urban poverty in Hosur, a city located on the banks of the River Ponnaiyar in Tamil Nadu state, India creates big challenges for youth.

In response, HOPE International Development Agency and the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) launched the Sustainable Urban Centres Project.

Focused on youth, especially young girls at risk of urban poverty, the initiative provides the knowledge and skills fundamental to living in an urban setting. After-school classes, youth groups and training sessions ensure girls have the opportunity to shape a better life not only for themselves, but for their families as well.

The prevalence of urban poverty in India is exacerbated by COVID-19 and the country has been deeply impacted the pandemic. In response, the Sustainable Urban Centres project provided COVID-19 relief to students and their families in the form of PPE, sanitizer and other hygiene and sanitation-based training and activities. 

In addition to COVID-19 assistance, programs introduced prior to the pandemic were carried out successfully, such as the school vegetable gardens which enabled students to learn basic agricultural skills they can apply in urban settings. The vegetables grown from these gardens are incorporated into school meals, improving nutrition and educating students about their health.

Ultimately, the Sustainable Urban Centres project is an example of a successful initiative, providing a participatory and positive learning environment that ensures urban youth are equipped to break the poverty cycle and improve their future.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Help communities move themselves forward by doing anything that gets you moving!

On September 19 - 26, 2020 be part of the 8th Annual HOPE RUN FOR H20
and walk, run, bike, swim, even paddle board if you want to! Help raise $200,000 so 2,000 people around the world can take their first-ever drink of clean water. 

We're inviting all our friends across Canada to join us for the biggest HOPE RUN FOR H20 since we started 8 years ago.

ONLY 3-days left for early bird price! Register now to receive the early bird price of $35 (includes a HOPE Run For H20 t-shirt and a customized bib).


In just a few minutes you'll be ready to help families move themselves forward.

Participating is easy. Choose an activity you want to do, how long you want to do it and how much you want to raise. Invite your friends and family to donate to your personal fundraising page or to join your team.

The funds you raise will help construct water systems that will give 2,000 people access to clean water for life.

Get moving and join the movement!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Meet some of our heroes on World Humanitarian Day, August 19

World Humanitarian Day, August 19, is an opportunity to share more about the real-life heroes we’re privileged to partner with overseas in the work of transforming lives HOPE donors support. People like Jessica Laguerre in Haiti, Shahid Yusef in Pakistan and Nate Nickerson in Haiti, are joined by many others, including Bishop Wilson Kamani, Bishop of the Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Bishop Wilson epitomizes the humility, grace under pressure, ingenuity, unwavering commitment, compassion and love for people that are hallmarks of the colleagues we partner with in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Surrounded by suffering caused by extreme poverty, the aftermath of armed conflict and the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bishop Wilson works in the harshest of conditions. Yet his perennial optimism and belief that every person matters drive him forward each day as he works to ensure people in Ibba, including an ever growing population of people who’ve been displaced from their home communities by armed conflict and have fled to Ibba, have access to clean water, health education, proper sanitation and agricultural training. Hundreds of children are in school and receiving the social support they so desperately need because of Bishop Wilson’s efforts. He is also working with various ethnic groups in the region to help them overcome their differences and move forward together.

A tireless advocate for people experiencing extreme poverty, Bishop Wilson pursues his life’s work with passion and at great personal cost as he is often away from his family who live a multi-day drive away from Ibba.

Helping the people of Ibba cope with COVID-19 is an area of increasing focus for Bishop Wilson in addition to all of the other initiatives he continues to move forward.

“Our attempt as a Diocese is to sensitize our communities of the dangers of COVID-19 and teach them how they can stay healthy and safe from this virus. We are doing everything we can while maintaining basic safety measures such as physical distancing ourselves to generate maximum awareness. In the case of corona virus, the more people know about it, the more effectively they can protect themselves,” says Bishop Wilson Kamani.

We celebrate, with gratitude, the tireless efforts of the colleagues we partner with in the work HOPE donors support on World Humanitarian Day. To watch conversations with Jessica, Shahid and Nate, please visit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

There's no place like home - until you don't have one.

When Nyamuse started her day, she had no idea it would end with her husband dead, her possessions abandoned and her family fleeing for their lives.

It was a typical day, facing the challenges of living in extreme poverty.

But everything changed when armed conflict between the government and rebels spilled into her tiny community.

Within minutes Nyamuse was a widow, her neighbourhood was in shambles, and her life, along with her children’s, forever changed.

“We had no future. We escaped from one problem to another." Nyamuse, recalling her family’s narrow escape and 96-hour journey without food, water or shelter to a safer area.

This heart-wrenching situation unfolds every day as armed conflict descends on communities, food shortages escalate into famine, disaster makes an area unlivable and opportunities to earn even a meagre income disappear.

When families like Nyamuse’s flee to safer places – usually camps of displaced persons – they arrive with nothing but what they can carry on their backs.

A gift from you will be the first act of kindness a family has experienced in months, perhaps years.

See how you can be hope today!