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Thursday, March 27, 2014

It’s people who drive lasting change

Every week we read in the news about new inventions that promise to drastically change the quality of life for the poor. Many of them raise millions of dollars in support because they’re innovative and exciting, yet they often fall short of ever reaching the very people they aim to help.

Sadly, those dollars could have been used to alleviate poverty through simple, effective methods that create lasting change. At HOPE International Development Agency, we focus our work on:
Conscientious, People-Driven Solutions.

Does that mean that we never use new technology? No. It means that every solution we develop is tailored first for the people that we’re partnering with – the people who we’ve committed our lives to working with.

The end result is that rather than simply running projects, we end up developing lasting relationships with the communities who we partner with. We don’t just show up, dig a well and leave – we know the people and we’re invested in them creating lives free from poverty.
When our solutions are people-driven, we cannot afford to fail.

Failure couldn't have been an option when we first met 9 year old Lidiya in Ethiopia, or Baagan Bibi and her family in Pakistan, or Ana in Guatemala. If we had, it would have meant losing the people who had now become a part of our lives. Each person we partner with touches our hearts and becomes another reason that we keep fighting to alleviate poverty in the developing world.

At the end of the day, we’re about people. There are many different tools and methods involved in each of the projects that we run, but at the center of it all are the people that we work alongside. Without them, nothing is possible.