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Friday, November 1, 2019

This Christmas, the love you have in your heart can become a present that changes lives when you choose gifts from our GIFTS OF HOPE giving catalogue.

When you select gifts from this year’s catalogue, you are choosing to love families who have been pushed to the margins of our societies and world – they are all but forgotten. We remember them, and we take heart in knowing that you do as well!

You can educate children, help families grow ample supplies of nutritious food and start small businesses that generate a sustainable income. You can help plant forests of hope and help families cope with a changing climate. You can ensure that clean water is available right in communities or homes.

Want to do something special for your family and friends this Christmas? Give gifts of HOPE to celebrate and honour the people you love and care about. When you do, we will send them a note describing the gift you have given to a child, family or community.

Every gift in our GIFTS OF HOPE giving catalogue lasts well beyond the season and is your opportunity to share the love in your heart with others this Christmas.