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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Clean water changes everything!

Life is about to get much better for families in Kecha Senga now that two of the twelve water points in the remote community nestled in the mountains of southern Ethiopia became operational this month.

Clean water, sourced from underground springs protected by concrete caps, is now flowing through hand-laid pipes that link the springs to water points (taps) located right in the community.

For the first time in their lives, people in the community have access to clean water. The arduous and often dangerous trek to gather water from unprotected sources, such as ponds and muddy streams contaminated with parasites and bacteria, is no longer necessary.

Clean water is often the first step in the journey out of poverty.

Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide live without clean water. Most live in rural areas and spend extraordinary amounts of time collecting water from wherever they can. Almost all this water carries disease-causing bacteria and parasites.

Wherever clean water initiatives are giving people access to a reliable supply of clean water in their community, water system maintenance and management training are also provided. Also, latrine installation, sanitation training, health education, disease prevention programs, education, training, and increased food production methods often accompany clean water initiatives, ensuring that families experience the full benefit of having clean water.

HOPE International Development Agency clean water initiatives are transforming lives in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. Learn more.