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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Marie Finds a Solution to Her Family’s Poverty

For Marie, a mother in the Ubangi Mongala region of Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo, hope arrived in the form of tilapia, a small fish.

Marie and her children were descending deeper into poverty. Fortunately, everything changed when Marie learned about tilapia and fish farming for food and income.

After participating in a training session and witnessing the success other families had achieved through fish farming, Marie took the first step and moved her family to a piece of land on the outskirts of her small village, built a new thatch hut, and hand-dug a large pond for the tilapia that would transform her family.

Having achieved success, Marie received additional support to increase the productivity and sustainability of her pond which now produces twice as many fish as it did before.

Today, Marie’s family, and hundreds more like hers, are enjoying the benefits of their labour with large harvests of nutritious tilapia for their own use, and for sale at local markets, generating a sustainable income.