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Friday, May 31, 2019

Without you, HOPE is just an idea. With YOU, we are a transforming force for good in the lives of the neglected poor.

Today, you can help transform some of the poorest families in the Philippines. Jimmy, an Indigenous father struggling to provide for his wife and children, describes the need.
“The hardest thing is finding food. Two of my children died, and I feel it was my fault because I could not provide enough food for them.

“We gather banana blossom, but we don’t eat it because it is the only thing we can sell to buy rice. If we can’t buy rice, we eat cassava. It fills our stomachs, but I know it does not have good nutrition. Many times, we have nothing to eat. And the water we drink is not good either. It makes us sick,”
says Jimmy.
The suffering that Jimmy and his family endure is relentless. His children suffer the most. His family and community desperately need food, educational opportunities, and clean water.

You can stop the suffering today with a gift that will help provide agricultural training, seeds, tools, education, and clean water.

It is not easy to transform lives, especially in the challenging areas where our partners are working. But it needs to happen, because the cost of doing nothing is losing lives to poverty.

Please help us transform lives today.


Monday, May 27, 2019

HOPE International Development Agency Board of Directors Announces New Executive Director Kim Savage

 Kim Savage, Executive Director

It is our pleasure to announce Kim Savage as the new Executive Director of HOPE International Development Agency. Kim has a heart for marginalized and vulnerable people and brings to HOPE a wealth of experience, capacity and energy.

In partnership with donors, families living in extreme poverty, overseas partners, and staff teams, Kim will lead HOPE International Development Agency’s mandate to empower the neglected poor, building upon a 44-year foundation of enabling people living in extreme poverty to become free of life-limiting circumstances through their own efforts and solutions.
As incoming Executive Director, I am deeply inspired by the work of HOPE and stand in humble awe of the partnership we have with you and those like you who care deeply and give generously to people facing unimaginable need. Together, we will continue the tradition of tangible compassion and life-changing action. I look forward to working together and seeing lives transformed.
As Executive Director, Kim’s skills, honed through more than 20 years of non-profit executive leadership to organizations and initiatives, will further expand HOPE’s ability to meet its mandate of empowering the neglected poor.

Recent work and volunteer experiences include chairing a non-profit task force to address young women fleeing traumatic sexual abuse in Mexico and working to address homelessness through a collaborative approach with churches in an area of British Columbia’s lower mainland. In many of her previous roles, she was responsible for increasing the capacity of an organization and enabling them to define and reach their goals.

Kim will be working closely with staff teams, the Board of Directors and donors to collectively hone our vision and look for new opportunities to expand HOPE’s ability to empower communities facing dire need. Her desire is to collaborate with all of us and build on our solid foundation of trust, respect and impact within the countries we serve and those who support our work.

Please join us in welcoming Kim to HOPE International Development Agency.

Barb Coyle
Chair, HOPE International Development Agency Board of Directors

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Marie Finds a Solution to Her Family’s Poverty

For Marie, a mother in the Ubangi Mongala region of Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo, hope arrived in the form of tilapia, a small fish.

Marie and her children were descending deeper into poverty. Fortunately, everything changed when Marie learned about tilapia and fish farming for food and income.

After participating in a training session and witnessing the success other families had achieved through fish farming, Marie took the first step and moved her family to a piece of land on the outskirts of her small village, built a new thatch hut, and hand-dug a large pond for the tilapia that would transform her family.

Having achieved success, Marie received additional support to increase the productivity and sustainability of her pond which now produces twice as many fish as it did before.

Today, Marie’s family, and hundreds more like hers, are enjoying the benefits of their labour with large harvests of nutritious tilapia for their own use, and for sale at local markets, generating a sustainable income.