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Friday, December 28, 2018

A special end-of-year gift to bring clean water

By the end of 2018, Umbe will have carried 7,600 kilograms of water for more than 1,800 kilometres. The same is true for every other mother in Umbe’s community of Chano Dorga, located in the rugged highlands of southern Ethiopia.

Filled with dirty water from the Hare River - the main source of water for the families of Chano Dorga - the container strapped to Umbe’s back is heavy - nearly 22 kilograms. Despite the weight and pain, Umbe will faithfully carry the container for hours each day, risking her health and personal safety with each step she takes on the 5 kilometre path that leads to and from the river.

The journey home from the river is always an anxious one. Umbe wonders if today is the day the water in her container will make her children sick again, or worse. But what choice does Umbe have? Her family needs water, even if it’s dangerous. So, she gathers what she can where she can, even if it’s just metres from where filthy cattle bathe.

If Umbe had a choice, she would not give her children contaminated water to drink. Right now, Umbe doesn’t have a choice.

A generous end-of-year gift, given on or before December 31, 2018, will give Umbe clean water.
  • Umbe will never have to put her health and personal safety at risk again - no more dangerous journeys to the polluted Hare River; 
  • Umbe’s children will be healthy, not sick and at risk of dying from waterborne diseases like cholera and dysentery; 
  • The hours upon hours spent gathering water will be put to better use, such as growing more food, training for Umbe, and education for her children.

Your gift will help fund a gravity-fed water system that will distribute clean water from two underground springs, roughly 15 kilometres from Chano Dorga, directly to 15 water points in the community. In addition, a community health nurse will work with women in the community, providing education in health, hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. Training will be provided so the community can maintain the system.