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Thursday, November 22, 2018

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Helping displaced people in Myanmar survive

Nearly 120,000 people have fled their homes and villages for the relative safety of 167 camps across Kachin and Shan states in conflict-ridden Myanmar.

Driven out by armed conflict between militant groups and government forces, displaced families are struggling to survive in the large camps, most of which are ill prepared for such a massive influx of people.

Basic needs, such as food and shelter, are often in short supply. Prices, for those who can afford to buy food like rice or other staples, continue to increase dramatically.

HOPE International Development Agency is supporting local organizations working in the camps to help reduce the vulnerability of displaced people, especially women and children - the most vulnerable in the crowded camps. For children, the situation is very difficult because of the challenging living conditions.

To help families, HOPE International Development Agency is supporting the construction of safe and appropriate shelters in the camps. Having a safe place to sleep and live makes life more bearable for families and helps restore dignity and safety after the trauma of being displaced from their homes and villages.