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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Right now, 7 million people in South Sudan are uncertain about where their next meal will come from. Yet despite the massive scale of this, it cannot seem to find its way into the news in a meaningful way these days.

Ongoing conflict in Western Equatoria, the region of South Sudan where we have been working for years, is forcing families to abandon their homes and farm fields and run for their lives. The few possessions they own are left behind as they flee from the towns of Nagero and Raga to the relative safety of Ezo.

Our longtime partner in South Sudan tells us that no other groups are coming to the aid of these families.

Families arrive in Ezo with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They need food. They need tools to establish small vegetable gardens. They need shelter.

Your gift of $50 will help provide urgently needed items such as basic food rations, tools to clear land in Ezo for family vegetable gardens, and shelter materials.


When matched, your generous gift of $50 becomes $200. A gift of $75 becomes $300. A very generous gift of $100 becomes $400!

Please, join with us in saving lives in Ezo, South Sudan. Help us ensure that families are fed and able to provide for themselves as they did before the conflict uprooted their lives.