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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hurricane Maria, one of the largest, most dangerous storms in recent memory tore its way through the Caribbean a few days ago, wreaking havoc throughout the region.

Communities in northeastern Dominican Republic are devastated. Families are struggling in the aftermath of a storm that brought torrential rain and destructive winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

David McKenzie, International President of HOPE International Development Agency, is in the Dominican Republic right now and has learned what we need to do to help families who are in crisis.

Medical supplies and medicines are what is needed most right now. Doctor Gonzales and his colleagues will manage the delivery and distribution of the supplies and medicines, ensuring people get the help they need.

An emergency gift from you of $50, $75, or even $100 if you are able, is what is needed today to make this happen.

Your generous emergency gift will ensure that families affected by Hurricane Maria do not suffer more than they already have.