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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Myanmar - Families fleeing violence need help

The panic began when gunfire erupted near temporary camps populated by people displaced from their villages by previous violence in Myanmar’s Kachin State, near the border with China.

With just minutes to escape the escalating violence, people in the camps grabbed what they could of their meager possessions and ran for their lives. Food, shelter, personal belongings, even medications were left behind. There simply was not enough time.

Right now, more than 6,400 people are on the move as a result of the violence; most are women and children, but there are many elderly people as well.

“People are deeply shaken by the experience, and having been forced to relocate several times before the most recent incident, they are very weary and afraid,” says Gum Shaw Awng of the Metta Development Foundation, our partner in Kachin State.

Without proper shelter, food, clean water, and other essentials, people who managed to flee the violence remain at great risk.

HOPE International Development Agency is launching this emergency appeal to raise the funds needed to provide families with urgently needed items such as emergency shelters, food, clean water, latrines, and personal hygiene kits.

An emergency gift from you today of $40, $60, or even $100 if you can, will help ensure that traumatized families are cared for as they seek shelter in other camps for displaced persons that are not in a conflict zone.

Giving online today ensures that your gift can be sent to help ease the suffering of families right away.