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Friday, December 9, 2016

Bio-sand water filters are a simple way to transform lives in Andra Pradesh, India

Devi and one of her children in front of their bio-sand water filter decorated with the Canadian flag.

Devi and her husband, an agricultural laborer, have two young children and live in a rural village in the province of Andra Pradesh, India.

Devi has belonged to a women’s self-help/savings group for 10 years, and has been treasurer for the last three years. It was through her participation in a self-help group that Devi heard about bio-sand water filters. She was immediately interested and later attended a training program to learn how to use the filter.

Bio-sand water filters, manufactured locally in India, are highly effective at removing bacteria and pathogens from drinking water and use relatively simple materials, like sand, to transform harmful water into healthy water.

Shortly after learning about the filters, and with support from HOPE International Development Agency, Devi received a bio-sand water filter of her very own.

Devi happily shares about the difference the filter has made for her and her family: “We use the water from the filter both for cooking and drinking. The water from the filter is very cool and clean. After we started using the filter we stopped falling ill. We are very happy about this.”

With the support of HOPE International Development Agency, 200 families similar to Devi’s received bio-sand water filters this year.

With the gift of clean water, they now enjoy better health and as a result, a chance to build a better life.

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