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Saturday, October 1, 2016

We Ride Africa - Much more than an amazing adventure!

“Adventurous people generally don't ask why. They just do!”, says Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, an adventure cyclist from Alberta and friend of HOPE International Development Agency.

Jeffrey’s upcoming adventure, We Ride Africa, is different from his usual treks. “This time, why we are riding is more important to us than the adventure,’ says Jeffrey. We Ride Africa, is raising funds to support the work of HOPE International Development Agency among impoverished rural Ethiopians.

“The funds we raise through We Ride Africa will enable families in the remote region of Bonke, southern Ethiopia to gain access to clean water and in doing so, create a foundation for sustainable social and economic development,” says Jeffrey.

Jeffrey started We Ride Africa to leverage people's natural curiosity with adventure to raise money that will transform lives.

“We have committed to a 9-day adventure cycling expedition through the Bonke region of southern Ethiopia to raise funds for much needed water infrastructure projects in remote villages throughout the region,” says Jeffrey. “Every dollar we raise will be used to build water infrastructure that will carry clean, life-giving water, down from the hills and into the villages."

By adventure cycling standards, the remote and mountainous terrain of the Bonke region is some of the most challenging riding in the world.

Kilometer after kilometer on a bike in the most remote corners of Ethiopia will provide an intimate glimpse into what the prospect of clean water can do for the human spirit. “Our adventure, and your generosity, will empower not just individuals, but villages,” says Jeffrey.

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