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Friday, October 7, 2016

Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew

The United Nations is describing the destruction as the worst humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010.

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Hurricane Matthew has left massive destruction in its wake in southwestern Haiti, which took a direct hit from the storm. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk as a result.

Immediate Response Continues

The goal is to help people survive the coming days and weeks, and recover as quickly as possible. HOPE International Development Agency is providing emergency shelter for families affected by Hurricane Matthew. Lack of shelter puts families, especially women and children, at risk.

Helping Families Rebuild Their Lives

Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Matthew, HOPE International Development Agency was in the process of helping farming families in the Duchity area of southwestern Haiti by providing agricultural training and seeds. Assisting families with their emergency shelter needs keeps our commitment to help families rebuild both their lives and their agricultural livelihoods.

Powerful winds, sometimes more than 230 kilometres per hour, combined with torrential rains and massive waves has caused destruction on a scale not seen since the earthquake of 2010.

Crops, already at risk due to an extended period of drought earlier this year, are destroyed. Roofs have been torn off homes, churches, schools, and public buildings. Trees were ripped out of the ground and floodwaters have strewn debris everywhere. Roads have been destroyed and a major bridge is completely gone.

Currently, more than 300,000 people are in need of immediate assistance. This figure will most likely rise significantly in the coming days. The death toll, currently over 300, is expected to rise as well.

You can help provide the assistance and emergency supplies families need in order to recover.

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