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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clean water changes everything

Of the 80 million people who live in rural Ethiopia, 51% lack access to clean water, and 72% lack access to proper sanitation.

Since 2000, HOPE International Development Agency has helped 300,000 rural Ethiopians gain access to clean water, right in their communities in southern Ethiopia.

Within the next 5 years, HOPE will help 100,000 more people in southern Ethiopia will gain access to clean water.

When clean water is present, families are able to focus on improving their lives through health education and hygiene training. They are also able to increase their income by participating in self help groups that provide mutual support, income-earning skills training, and low-interest loans that enable women to start businesses.

Given the remote and rugged terrain of southern Ethiopia, it costs $750 to provide clean water for one family. That's just $125 per child or adult, for a lifetime of clean water and all that comes with it.

Help a person gain access to clean water today.