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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Helping families write their own stories of hope

Stories of hope are written every day in communities where HOPE International Development Agency is working to help families lift themselves out of poverty.

Jeana Pangcato and her family live in the community of Sitio Kabalansian, in an impoverished region of the Philippines.

Here is Jeana’s story of hope...

“Before we had access to clean water, we fetched our drinking water from a muddy river at the foot of a steep cliff one kilometre from our home.

We would dig a small pit at the edge of the river to try to filter the water a bit, but it did not work. My children and I had diarrhoea all the time, terrible stomach problems, and painful skin rashes. All from the dirty water.

One time, years ago, contractors built a water system, but the water became contaminated because sewage was entering the system. Even still, there were constant line-ups for the water every day.”

Imagine being so desperate for water that you would willingly use water that makes you and your children sick.

Today, because of the generosity of HOPE International Development Agency donors, Jeana gathers clean water from a new system built by her community.

“Now I walk less than 100 meters from my house to a water tap that has clean water. And there are taps throughout my community - everyone has water. My family is healthy and we are not sick.”

Clean water is crucial for Jeana and her family, but so is being able to grow enough food.

HOPE International Development Agency is also helping families learn how to grow enough nutritious food to meet their needs and earn extra income. Seeds and tools, as well as training in more productive farming methods and homemade fertilizers, is being provided to help families reach their goal of become self-sufficient.

In communities who have received help, disease rates have decreased by more than 90 percent. School enrolment has risen dramatically. Malnutrition, a condition that affects children’s ability to learn and grow, is now a thing of the past.

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