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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 can end much better than it started for children trapped in poverty

As 2015 draws to a close there is still time to ensure that the year ends much better than it began for children who have known only suffering and sadness.

You can choose gifts from our 2015 Catalogue of Hope.

You can give to our current special appeal and help children in South Sudan gain access to clean water, education, and proper sanitation.

If you prefer, you can give to "where most needed".

Giving made convenient for you.

You can give online using our secure donation pages or you can give by phone by calling toll-free 1-866-525-HOPE (4673).

Monday, December 21, 2015

The best Christmas gifts ever!

Celebrate this Christmas by giving the best gifts ever to young children in Ethiopia, Haiti, South Sudan, and the Philippines.

You can give orphaned children in Ethiopia safe shelter, nutritious food, medical care, counseling, and education, including school supplies and books. Your gift will help children regain their childhood and become free from poverty.

In Haiti, you can help impoverished children by supporting their education and development, along with other necessities, ensuring that they will have the opportunity to make their dreams become a reality.

You can create a supportive learning environment for children in South Sudan by providing teachers, desks, and access to proper sanitation, all of which will make it possible for today’s children to become tomorrow’s community leaders in South Sudan.

In the Philippines, you can give children a safe place to learn, schoolbooks, supplies, nutrition training, and vegetable gardens will enable indigenous children living on the Philippine island of Mindanao to overcome the poverty and prejudice they and their families face.

Give the best Christmas gifts ever today.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas is coming and so is hope for some of the world’s poorest families!

When you give a gift from HOPE International Development Agency’s 2015 Gifts of Hope catalogue you are giving a gift that does not fade, wear out, or go out of fashion.

Your gift, from this year’s giving catalogue, brings hope and transformation to families who are struggling under the weight of extreme poverty.

In addition to helping orphans in Ethiopia, transforming young minds in the Philippines, supporting learning in South Sudan, and nurturing children in Haiti, you can help families become self-reliant, earn sustainable incomes, gain access to clean water, grow bountiful harvests, and find the confidence needed to lift themselves further out of poverty.

Give gifts of hope this Christmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Water systems in southern Ethiopia will provide clean water to thousands of people

Friends of HOPE International Development Agency are providing thousands more families in southern Ethiopia with access to clean water.

Work on the clean water system in Banisha (and the greater area of Garbansa Karche) in southern Ethiopia’s Bonke region is progressing well.

About 5,000 people in these communities - representing 90% of the population in villages we are helping at this time - are on their way to having clean water to drink just steps from their homes.

To date, five water springs have been capped and 12 kilometres of water pipeline has been laid. Families in Banisha and Garbansa Karche have been very involved in both of these activities, spending hours digging trenches for the pipes and carrying materials to the spring capping site. This has been done with joy because it means clean water is coming soon. The construction of the reservoirs, water points, washbasins, and cattle troughs that make up the overall water system is about 90% complete.

Work on the spring capping system in Dorze Bele in Chencha is also progressing well. About 5,300 people in Dorze Bele will have clean water soon - representing 100% of the population in the villages we are working in.

To date, the spring has been capped and about 43% of the pipeline has been laid (2 kilometres). Families in Dorze Bele have also been very involved in both of these activities. The construction of a reservoir is about 30% complete, and work will soon begin on the water points, washbasins, and cattle troughs.

Our colleagues in Ethiopia also continue to work with the people of Banisha, Garbansa Karche, and Dorze Bele to organize them into community groups through which they will take care of their water systems, and to teach them simple ways to stay healthier, including washing their hands and digging pit latrines.