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Friday, November 27, 2015

Finding a way in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan, Africa’s youngest nation, faces considerable humanitarian challenges.

The terrible legacy of civil war and chronic underdevelopment weigh heavily on the ability of the new nation to provide basic services and respond to humanitarian needs. As a result, communities are vulnerable and struggle with insecurity, displacement, food shortages, outbreaks of disease, and seasonal floods.

Conflict has flared up again in the region, but despite the current situation, HOPE International Development Agency continues to work with families in the district of Ibba, helping them improve their lives.

In addition to helping families overcome food shortages by providing them with the knowledge and supplies needed to grow nutritious wheat and legumes, HOPE donors have also provided communities in Ibba with clean water, primary education for children, and sanitation and hygiene training that significantly reduce rates of disease among families.

Today, nearly 1,600 students are attending school in four primary schools in the area. Hygiene and sanitation training has helped 700 people learn how to reduce their risk of disease and improve their health, and more than 1,000 people have access to clean water.

The people of Ibba are doing whatever they can to improve their lives, despite the challenges, and so is HOPE as we walk with them on their journey out of poverty.