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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The need for kindness in South Sudan

Life has been horribly difficult for children in South Sudan. They desperately need the kindness friends of HOPE International Development Agency can give.

Many of these children, like Nyanath, have lived through the trauma of armed conflict.

Some, like Deng, have lost loved ones or friends - something no child should have to go through.

All of these children have experienced the suffering that drinking dirty water can cause.

None of these children has had the opportunity to sit in a classroom and learn the skills that will free them from poverty.

It does not cost much for you to become a child’s friend. However, as you can see, it costs a child far more if they do not have a friend.

Providing one child with clean water, education, and hygiene training costs $150.

You can become a friend to a child in desperate need by giving what you can to help provide clean water, education, and hygiene training today.

Help a child in South Sudan.