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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Telling the story that matters

The story of HOPE International Development Agency began when a few people here in Canada came together to find ways to help the world’s poorest families lift themselves out of poverty.

The idea was simple. Rather than just giving people what they needed to survive, why not also provide the knowledge, tools, training, and support needed to create their own solutions to poverty.

Our story, however, is not ours at all. It belongs to the poorest of the poor.

The poorest of the poor are the authors of our story, and a new chapter is written every time a person or family becomes free from the soul-crushing poverty that has held them captive for generations. In addition to the poorest of the poor, compassionate people here at home are also the authors our story.

The generosity and faithfulness of people here at home has enabled HOPE International Development Agency to help 20 million of the world’s poorest people transform their lives over the past 40 years.

The support for the poorest of the poor provided by friends of HOPE is best expressed by the outcome of their giving in 2014 – more than 820,000 people finding their way out of poverty!

Learn more by viewing our most recent annual report.