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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water brings new life to the Philippine community of Calibran

In 2012 we introduced some of the work being done in Calibran, a small community in the Philippines that needed clean water. 

At the time, families had no choice but to walk long distances to fetch their drinking water, most of which was contaminated with oil and waste. The water, completely unsafe to drink, took the lives of many young children in the community - their immune systems couldn’t cope with the contaminants.

Today, Calibran has a much different story to tell. The community, and its neighbour, Malagalad, now have 6 communal water points that provide clean water to 66 families. The children grow up healthy and happy and are able to attend school rather than spend their days in search of water.

Clean water means life for the communities of Calibran and Malagalad. It means stronger families, and it also means families can dream again and create ways of further improving their communities.

It’s hard to imagine life without it, and yet the community of Calibran struggled without clean water for decades. Thank you for being a part of helping them begin their new story.

See the entire story here by watching HOPE In The Philippines.