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Thursday, April 17, 2014

@runforwater visits Ethiopia

This past month, a group of eight teachers, one student and 2 society members of the Run for Water embarked on a journey to Ethiopia to visit some of our projects that they support. We could not be more grateful for all that they to do bring clean water to families in Ethiopia. It’s exciting for them to have the opportunity to visit the families they’ve touched.

The team visited three communities: one that had a completed water system, one with a project that is set to be complete in the next few weeks, and one that is going to be underway shortly.

The Run for Water team have spent years raising funds so that families in Ethiopia can have access to clean water and the opportunity to transform their lives.

The pipeline they’ve funded that’s soon to be completed will provide clean water for more than 2,000 people. They were able to see just how close it is to reaching the village, and the excitement of everyone involved as the pipe stretches further each day.

(L) Original, unprotected water source  (R) New, disease-free water source

Later on this year, the village of Yella will also be getting a pipeline starting from this fresh water source that will be come down from an altitude of 9,000ft.

This clean water will mean an enormous difference in the lives of thousands of people – such a simple thing as clean water can absolutely transform lives. It will free up hours everyday currently spent fetching water and it will improve overall health as it’s a clean source, free of bacteria.

That means an opportunity to focus on making more income. It means children going to school. It means families that are strong and independent.

The team had an amazing experience and they return to Canada more inspired and motivated than ever to keep fighting for families that need clean water. Again, thank you to Run for Water for being a part of this incredible work and for their ongoing fight to bring clean water to families in Ethiopia.

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