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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What comes next for families like Ana’s?

After a family like Ana’s receives the gift of clean water, what comes next?

When HOPE International Development Agency partners with a community in need, the initial focus is on basic human needs – things like food, clean water, and sanitation. But after that, to create lasting change, we begin thinking about creating new sources of income.

Parents need to earn a sustainable income to feed their families, to send their children to school, and to develop a life free from poverty.

Every project we support is unique; because every community we partner with is unique.

In certain areas of Guatemala, for example, the focus is on farming. In Afghanistan, for some communities it would be animal banks and livestock. In Cambodia, we do a lot of micro-financing for small businesses. Each solution to poverty requires different training, or tools, but all have the same result: families that are financially secure and communities are strong and can help one another.
Emmanuella selling a chicken.
In 2011, we introduced Emmanuella and her family in our film about the situation in Haiti. At the time, Emmanuella was desperate; she had nothing and was struggling to survive.

Today, as a result of her partnership with HOPE International Development Agency, she has a business raising and selling chickens. She doesn’t worry about whether her family will eat every day. Her children go to school. Her family has grown strong together – proud of what they’ve accomplished.

This year, our focus is on creating more stories like Emmanuella’s and Ana’s. It is about creating more sustainable change in communities and families in the developing world.