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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Candy and lemonade transformed into clean water

At the recent Calgary Run For Water event in Alberta, a young girl showed, through her actions, that hope is everywhere when everyone helps.

Having decided that helping children halfway around the world was not just for adults, the young girl organized a candy sale, raising more than $400 to provide safe drinking water to children in Ethiopia.

Other children were also hard at work, helping in their own way. They organized bake sales, lemonade stands, and other events in their neighborhoods, the proceeds of which were given to provide one more child, halfway around the world, with safe drinking water and an opportunity for a better life.

These children understand that they are very fortunate and that their good fortune is put to good use when they help others less fortunate - a poignant reminder to us all.

The water they used to make their lemonade, for example, is safe to drink and they want the same for children who live in impoverished communities throughout the developing world.

We love to hear stories like this and are inspired to do more as donations from schools across Canada arrive every month, bringing hope to children in desperate need of life’s necessities, like safe drinking water.

In a beautiful reversal of roles, children, like those who participated in the Calgary Run For Water event, become our role models as they take action to ensure that all children have access to safe drinking water.

Hope is, in fact, everywhere when everyone helps. When we all help, a bond of hope is formed that ties us all together; from the families who gain access to safe drinking water, to the families raising money to provide the safe drinking water, and to us as we continue to witness the kindness and generosity of people.

It is through this bond of hope that we continue to reach out to families in need throughout the world.