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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Impossible Gift

We spend our lives devoted to helping the poorest of the poor, and this week we were left speechless when we heard just how far generosity can reach.

A group of orphaned children from the Place of Rescue Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, raised $900 - an incredible sum for children who have so little - to help flood victims in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Each of the children had received the equivalent of $12 CDN from the wife of Cambodia’s Prime Minister during her recent visit to the orphanage. The children, having heard about the devastation in Calgary, decided to give half of what they had been given to help families affected.

It’s not every day that we’re privileged to witness such an extraordinary act of generosity. If these children, all of whom started their lives with literally nothing, are able to give selflessly and give so impossibly, what does it mean for us?

In our view, this type of generosity broadens the scope of what we do and paints a picture that depicts the impossible becoming possible. We’re not simply a group of people giving or helping, we’re a small piece of a larger story that’s weaving its way around the world and in doing so, creating a new perspective.

Hearing of such an impossible gift reminded us that generosity and kindness are present among the world’s poorest peoples. The gift these children gave is so much more than money. It’s a reminder that when people in desperate need, even children, receive the help they deserve, they extend the help to those around them. When people, through your help, lift themselves up out of poverty, they’re not content with their own good fortune. Instead, they share with those around them and give them the help they need.

Every person we work with touches the lives of others - it’s incredibly encouraging to see and it strengthens our hope, inspiring us to continue helping, no matter the cost.