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Monday, January 7, 2013

Afghanistan: A Beacon in Jalalabad

Since 2006 HOPE International Development Agency has been helping small clinic to provide life-saving services to the poorest of the poor in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.  The clinic serves about 31,000 patients annually, providing mother and child health care, immunization, health education, family planning, laboratory services, medicines, and treatment for malnutrition. The clinic also educates the community about how to prevent the spread of disease.

This clinic is a powerful beacon in a place that can grow unimaginably dark when things go wrong. Which they often do, when your food supply is insecure, you lack education, and you are coping with infamous regional instabilities. The clinic represents a way to make sure hard times do not become impossible times.

In the picture (above right), some of Jalalabad’s children have assembled to say thank you to those who support the clinic through HOPE International Development Agency.