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Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Pueblo Libre, starting school is not the issue. Staying in school is the challenge.

For every 200 children who start school in Pueblo Libre, one of the poorest neighborhoods in all of Peru, only 17 will go on to graduate.

It’s not easy to learn when you are the first among your family to go to school. Parents, the vast majority of whom never had the opportunity to attend school, are not well equipped to support their children in their learning journey. It’s not that parents don’t want to support their children, they just don’t have the first-hand experience or understanding of the benefits education can provide.

The situation is equally challenging for young people who are approaching a time when they will enter the workforce. Without the appropriate skills training, finding a job with a livable wage is next to impossible.

Both scenarios do not offer much hope and result in people remaining trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

With your help, however, children can stay in school, and young people can receive the training they need in order to get a good job.

With your help, children can receive tutoring twice a week. This will ensure that they understand what they are being taught, and are able to apply what they are learning. In addition, children also receive all of the school supplies they need, including items like notebooks, pencils, and paper.  In addition, a portion of your gift is used to teach parents how to support their children in their learning journey.  All of this help gives a child everything they need to feel supported in their learning efforts and to be successful.

You can also support the young people of Pueblo Libre by helping fund scholarships that will ensure they have access to the job skills training they need in order to secure a job with a livable wage and good future.

In Pueblo Libre, education and job skills training are two of the most important ways to become free from the poverty that has held people captive for generations.

Help the children and young people of Pueblo Libre today.

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