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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Putting Tools in Hands, Hope in Hearts, and Food on Tables

Decades of poverty and war has left the families of Bogalengba, in Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo, trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Hunger is the norm and earning a livable wage is as rare as having enough food to eat, or a child not being terribly sick every second or third day.

The years have not been kind to these families. Poverty has prevented them from attaining the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to coax both a bountiful harvest and livable income from the soil. This despite the fact that the soil beneath their feet is fertile enough to grow almost anything you can imagine.

In essence, the soil is incredibly rich and the people are incredibly poor.

Unable to grow enough food to feed themselves, chronic hunger and severe malnutrition are considered a way of life.

But thankfully, with your help, we can put tools in their hands, knowledge in their minds, and a sustainable supply of nutritious food on their tables.

With an armload of sturdy gardening tools, a huge bag of seeds, and agricultural training specifically developed to help families learn how to do everything from planning for a bountiful harvest right through to transporting and selling a portion of the harvest at the best price possible, families will be able to free themselves from poverty.

Their desire and your support will ensure that the families of Bogalengba become as rich as the soil they walk upon every day. And by rich, we mean having enough food to eat, earning a livable wage, and having hope in their hearts.

Learn how you can help the families of Bogalengba today.