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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bahamani, South Sudan: The raiders are long gone but the suffering remains

When a heavily armed militia group attacked the village of Bahamani in South Sudan, families ran for their lives. Everything was left behind.

In a matter of moments, the families of Bahamani became refugees and remain as such even today.

Our work among the refugee families began in the aftermath of the attack and continues today. We've been assisting with the provision of food, basic household items, hand-tools, seeds, and agricultural training - all in an effort to help them return to self-sufficiency, even amidst this very difficult situation.

In the aftermath of the attack, 28,000 needed immediate help. And while we are thankful that we've been able to help the survivors begin returning to self-sufficiency, we also have become aware that there are families who need more help or have not yet received the help they need.

Today, we need your support in order to increase the amount of help we are providing to these refugees. Please visit and learn more about how you can help the families of Bahamani today.

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