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Monday, April 23, 2012

Guatemala: Time Saved and Dream’s Realized for Juana San Amparas

Last year we met Juana San Amparas, a woman living in the village of Chinantón, Guatemala. Juana is a widow with several children. In addition to chores too numerous to list, she collected water each day so that her family could drink, cook, and bathe. This task became a tremendous burden during the dry season when the local spring dried up and she had to walk several hours to collect water of extremely poor quality. Juana is like so many women we’ve met - inestimable hours of their lives are lost to water-collection. It boggles the mind.

As of last November, with the help of HOPE International Development Agency, the people of Chinantón, including Juana, were volunteering their time and energy on a gravity-fed water system that would bring clean water from the nearby mountains right to the village, throughout the year.

We are happy to report that this work is now complete; Juana is now able to collect the clean water for her family from nearby her home. Our efforts to help the poorest of the poor in Guatemala to gain access to reliable clean water sources continue. We are now looking at providing water for another community called Los Llanos. You can rest assured that there are many more like Juana there.

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