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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fear replaced with hope in Cambodia

To live in poverty is to live in fear.

Fear that your family will not have enough to eat. Chan, a mother from Pursat, Cambodia, knows this fear all to well. “Four of my family members would work all day long for just enough rice for one, maybe two meals that day,” says Chan. “We just kept getting weaker, and our situation continued to get worse. We had nothing left to hope for.”

Fear that your children will not survive. In the region of Cambodia that Chan lives in, one in eight children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Chan knows the heartache that comes from having to bury one of your children.

Chan’s life has changed significantly since receiving help from HOPE International Development Agency donors who gave her the hand up she needed. Today she is well on her way to being free from poverty and her family is healthy and happy. Fear has been replaced with hope!

The same, however, cannot be said of other families in Chan’s home province of Pursat, Cambodia. They too need help to lift themselves up out of poverty.

You can give that help today with and ensure that families receive the resources and training they need in order to transform their lives and free themselves from poverty – just like Chan and her family did.

Learn more about how you can help today.

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