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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rescuing Children from an Epidemic of Suffering in the Philippines

Tonight, a 10-year old Filipino girl will find herself forced into the arms of an abuser bent on taking advantage of her deeply impoverished situation.

As unbelievable as this tragic situation might seem, it becomes even more jarring when you take into account that more than 60,000 Filipino children are being trafficked in the sex trade right now throughout the Philippines. In fact, some estimates put the total number of trafficked children even higher, at 100,000.

This heartbreaking and horrifying situation can only be described as an epidemic of suffering.

HOPE International Development Agency has made great strides in helping families and their children free themselves from poverty throughout the Philippines, but our focus today is to rescue children that poverty claimed well before we could reach them and their families.

A gift from you of just $65 will rescue a young child from a life that is leading to destruction, and possibly, death. Your gift will provide a safe place to live, learn and heal.

The child your gift can rescue will receive an education - giving her the ability to learn her way out of poverty.

She will also receive vocation skills training that will enable her to have a skill or trade that will generate a livable wage when she grows up.

Counseling will also be available in order to help her transition to her new life.

Learn more about how you can rescue a child today.

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