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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Filmmakers bring stories of hope

Our small team of volunteer filmmakers is traveling this week to Bonke district, Ethiopia. They will be there to capture, in their inimitable way, the situation of families living right on the edge. There are thousands of families in this district without access to clean water; for them preventable deaths and chronic illness is the rule.

We are extraordinarily grateful for the volunteers who use their considerable skill to tell the story of families living in poverty. From year to year, professionals Mark Chow, Laurie Case, Rob Kelly, Tanya Maryniak, Craig Cross, Joe Babcock, and Murray Forward, decide among themselves who can take out the time to travel, film, direct, produce, and edit a powerful documentary for the benefit of HOPE International Development Agency’s friends and supporters. They donate hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars of professional work, and in the end, they give us a story.

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