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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti: Today’s Stories, Tomorrow’s Accountability

Clifferd Dick, HOPE International Development Agency's Director of International Relations, was recently in Haiti to oversee the first stage of our relief and rehabilitation plan for people affected by this month’s devastating earthquake.

Many British Columbians had the opportunity to hear Clifferd interviewed on CBC Radio’s afternoon talk show BC Almanac. You can hear Clifferd's reflections on the disaster and HOPE International Development Agency's response right here.

The Burnaby Newsleader also had a chance to speak to Clifferd and David S. McKenzie, HOPE’s Executive Director. You can find that article here.

The focus that the media at all levels has maintained on the situation in Haiti is rare, and does enhance the ability of organizations like HOPE International Development Agency to help Haitians. We appreciate coverage of our efforts. However, we are aware that an outspoken public campaign should be equaled by our long-term commitment to accountability.

We want to tell our supporters about what their gifts are doing for Haitians. When the official media is no longer focused on Haiti, we will be especially careful to report to donors like you.

Visit today and learn more about our work in Haiti.

We also always welcome your emails and phone calls:

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