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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

HOPE International Development Agency launches Myanmar emergency aid effort today

Having heard from HOPE staff in Myanmar, David McKenzie, our Executive Director, sent out an urgent call for help today with an emergency appeal sent out to all HOPE International Development Agency supporters.

Here's some of the information we've learned from our staff in Myanmar. The death toll is continuing to rise above the initial 22,000 people. It's estimated that 1 million people are homeless.

Survivors are desperate and are scavenging for food and have resorted to drinking water from wherever they can find it, including ditches and ponds.

Farm fields are littered with the bodies of men, women and children who didn't survive the storm.

David is asking our donors and the public to help us send as many emergency care packages to survivors as we can. It costs just $45 to prepare and provide one emergency care package. The contents, including essentials like food rations, water purification tables, blankets, clothing and temporary shelter materials, will ensure suvivivors do not become victims in the aftermath of the storm.

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