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Friday, January 25, 2019

Helping displaced families in northern Afghanistan survive the winter

Families held on as long as they could. But in the end, fighting in their area forced them to flee their homes. They ended up in Aliabad, a dusty town in northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz Province.

Prolonged drought throughout much of Afghanistan in late 2018 has added to the challenges and misery displaced families in Aliabad are facing right now.

Drought-related conditions and crop failures affected the families on two fronts. They were unable to grow their own food, and they were unable to work in their traditional occupation as day labourers on local farms.

Insecurity in the region, combined with severe food insecurity due to crop failures, food shortages, and an inability to earn income during the growing season, has put families at great risk.

Under normal conditions, families would have saved some of their harvest for the winter months and the income they would have earned as farm labourers would have helped see them through the lean times. But there’s nothing normal about life in northern Afghanistan right now.

HOPE International Development Agency has been responding by supporting families facing severe food insecurity in Aliabad. Women and children are a key point of focus right now and are being helped through the provision of essential food items including flour, rice, and butter.

HOPE’s commitment to these families is continuing so that they can survive the winter, and once winter passes, improve their lives in the long term through access to clean water and other supports.