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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Join us for dinner and changes lives in Nepal

Join us this for dinner this Spring and help thousands of people in Nepal transform their lives.

You'll enjoy a wonderful meal, the company of friends, silent and live auctions, great music, a short feature film shot on location in Nepal, and an important opportunity to transform lives through your giving.

HOPE International Development Agency has been helping families worldwide since 1975, enabling them to transform their lives as they gain access to clean water, education, training, and new ways to earn income and grow more food.

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Last year, the kindness and generosity of people who attended HOPE International Development Agency events in cities across Canada enabled well over 30,000 people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Ethiopia to begin transforming their lives.

Microcredit loans are enabling families to start small businesses.

In addition, families in Bangladesh are gaining access to:
  • Clean water for better health
  • Basic health care and medicines, especially for mothers & children
  • Secure shelter through newly constructed homes

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Wells, latrines, and agricultural training are enabling families to transform their lives.

In addition, families are gaining access to:
  • Improved education opportunities at newly constructed schools and school rooms
  • Increased nutrition and health through tools and seeds to plant home gardens

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Clean water is changing everything for families in southern Ethiopia

In addition to clean water, families are gaining access to:
  • Centrally located water points throughout communities
  • Latrines for improved sanitation, health, and privacy
  • Self-help groups and loans to start new livelihood activities

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Going beyond awareness on World Water Day, March 22

According to the United Nations, more than 663 million people do not have a safe water supply close to home, spending long hours trekking to distant sources and coping with the negative health impacts of using contaminated water.

World Water Day, March 22, serves as a reminder that water is fundamental to our very existence.

No one among us knows this better than families in countries like Ethiopia, where access to clean water is a major issue in the southern region of the country.

World Water Day means something different to people depending on where they live.

It is likely that no mother, father, or child living in a rural village in southern Ethiopia is concerned with World Water Day or its promotion. Their concern is centered around the question of whether they will have water today, and if they do, will it make them sick again.

Our concern, at HOPE International Development Agency, is the same as theirs. Clean water is a crucial part of lifting families out of poverty. Every family needs clean water.

The best way to ensure that World Water Day is not just another day in a calendar full of “awareness days" is to give a gift that helps bring clean water, for life, to families in rural villages throughout southern Ethiopia.

Celebrate the fact that you have clean water, in abundant supply, by giving the same to a family that does not have clean water.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Self-reliance is one step away for families and a gift from you will make it possible.

Raising small farm animals, like pigs, is a way for families to increase the amount of food and income they have throughout the year, enabling them to become self-reliant.

Your gift of $60 will help ensure that a family receives a female pig, which they will raise and breed to produce piglets. Some of the piglets will be kept and others will be given to families in the village who will begin raising pigs and doing the same.

Your gift to a family today will grow to help many more families this year as the pig’s offspring are shared throughout the village. The positive impact of your gift will increase multiple times this year alone.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Celebrating the contributions and achievements of rural women on International Women’s Day

Elfinish (Upper Left), Aragesh (Upper Right), Kavitha (Lower Left), Phat (Lower Right)

Rural women make up over a quarter of the world population and on International Women’s Day, March 8, we celebrate their accomplishments in transforming their lives, their families, and their communities.

From food production, water management, disease prevention, health, education and skills training to small business development and economic progress, women are leading the way forward out of poverty in communities in countries like Ethiopia, Cambodia, and India.

Women like Elfinish are lifting themselves out of poverty through training and micro-loan support that enables them to start and successfully run family-based businesses that generate a reliable source of income that is transforming their families and communities.

Aragesh, a young mother we featured in a recent Perspective article, is among a group of women in Kamale Barrye-Oro, southern Ethiopia working together to solve common problems in their community and start small businesses that are improving the local economy.

Kavitha, a mother in Kannivadi, India, and her local women’s self-help group are working together to increase their incomes and savings by building better livelihoods for their families.

Phat, a mother in rural Cambodia has succeeded in transforming her family from impoverished to prosperous by taking full advantage of the new water well she received. She has used the water to improve the health of her children and grow nutritious vegetables for her family’s consumption and for sale on market days, generating an income that has enabled her to rebuild her modest home and send her children to school.

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the spirit, strength and amazing abilities of rural women throughout the developing world as they continue to transform their lives, their families, and their communities.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Overcoming obstacles in Sri Lanka

Not being able to see hasn’t dampened the spirit of women and men with visual disabilities in Sri Lanka. It has, however, prevented them from attaining their dream of being free from poverty.

These are amazing people. They overcome disadvantage after disadvantage. They display grace and courage in the face of discrimination. They persist when most would give up.

Yet there is one obstacle that they have not been able to overcome – earning a reliable income. But you can change this today.

Specialized training and support will provide people with visual disabilities everything they need to start small businesses that generate reliable sources of income.

The training and small start-up loans will enable women and men with visual disabilities to start and successfully run small businesses, making products such as bricks, rattan chairs, braided rope, vegetables, and ground flour.

The income from their new businesses will enable women and men with visual disabilities to lift themselves out of poverty.