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Monday, February 5, 2018

Join us for dinner and changes lives in Nepal

Join us this for dinner this Spring and help thousands of people in Nepal transform their lives.

You'll enjoy a wonderful meal, the company of friends, silent and live auctions, great music, a short feature film shot on location in Nepal, and an important opportunity to transform lives through your giving.

HOPE International Development Agency has been helping families worldwide since 1975, enabling them to transform their lives as they gain access to clean water, education, training, and new ways to earn income and grow more food.

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Last year, the kindness and generosity of people who attended HOPE International Development Agency events in cities across Canada enabled well over 30,000 people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Ethiopia to begin transforming their lives.

Microcredit loans are enabling families to start small businesses.

In addition, families in Bangladesh are gaining access to:
  • Clean water for better health
  • Basic health care and medicines, especially for mothers & children
  • Secure shelter through newly constructed homes

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Wells, latrines, and agricultural training are enabling families to transform their lives.

In addition, families are gaining access to:
  • Improved education opportunities at newly constructed schools and school rooms
  • Increased nutrition and health through tools and seeds to plant home gardens

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Clean water is changing everything for families in southern Ethiopia

In addition to clean water, families are gaining access to:
  • Centrally located water points throughout communities
  • Latrines for improved sanitation, health, and privacy
  • Self-help groups and loans to start new livelihood activities

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