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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alem's Journey

Alem Alazar, a dear friend of HOPE and former Commissioner of Ethiopia's Water Resources Commission, shares his personal journey in this poem, "On The Move".

On The Move

Childhood Journey

My first journey that I recall,
Happened before I was aged four,
A joyful trip for mom and me,
Eager as I was my father to see,
Leaving his native village in the north,
We moved to his new home far in the south,
To live happily in one house,
A family united for ever at last,
Forgetting the hard days of the past,
A child’s wish came true,
A move that brought me a break thru,
Under God’s wing and in his guidance,
Healthy I grew in lasting sustenance.

Moving Thru Maturity
Learning to succeed aspiring for better,
Went to study more and moved on further,
Into the south country deep to its center,
Commenced a future of cherishing water,
Precious and essential for life so ever,
A divine gift requiring our care,
A scarce commodity in many dry regions,
Where drought and famine regularly happen,
Resulting disaster for millions that suffer,
Thousands perishing in saddening manner,
Desiring to assist in lessening the pains,
Determined and committed for community gains,
Acquired the skills and lead several teams,
Searched for water, got it near and clean for users,
Managed it well and taught about it to several others,
For three decades provided service,
Until hard times of no peace no justice,
When one must depart for personal safety,
And move on forward looking for security.

From Nairobi to Vancouver & Beyond
Stateless refuge unsure of the coming,
Transit by Kenya to a new beginning,
In western Canada beautiful Vancouver,
Happily resettled hopeful of the future,
My family intact all of us together,
But I still remain mindful of water,
A dear commodity to the poor near or far,
Everyone and everywhere mutually belonging,
Prepared and willing in generous giving,
What one knows and cares for the good of passing,
To fulfill my duty and purpose in life,
Even in hard situations continued to strive,
In dry or wet regions fittingly doing,
What is good and worthy so real in meaning,
A two-decade mission carried out from here,
Completing works in regions that are poor,
Closing the finals of the field work motions,
But remain active in community functions,
Benefiting my being in leisure-most actions,
Still will keep on rolling in the water-rich BC,
Respecting habitat in all its lands and seas,
Enjoying the beauty and cherishing the essence,
Of the province blessed in natural presence,
Glory and honor to the utmost enabler,
Who made it possible for me to reach so far.