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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What would you do if you lived like 80% of the world’s population who manage to survive on less than $10 a day?

If you lived like the world’s poorest people, what would be your biggest struggles? How would you fare? Here is a brief glimpse into what your world would look like.

You wake up every morning as part of the 80% of humanity who somehow survive on less than $10 a day. More likely than not, you will earn a mere $2 for an entire day’s labor.

Living in abject poverty, literally at the bottom of it all, can have deadly consequences for your children - most of whom would likely be among the 27% of children in the developing world who grow up underweight. It is entirely possible that at least one of your children will be among the 22,000 children worldwide who perish every day due to poverty. There are 31 countries in the developing world where 10 percent of children do not reach the age of 5.

Would your children be educated? If you could, by chance, afford to send your kids to school, they may not feel well enough to go because of the bacteria infested water they drink every day. And yes, this is the same water that you walk hours to fetch - unclean water is better than no water at all.

When evening comes, you go to bed feeling unwell and ill at ease, mostly because you mourn for your family.

You desperately want to provide for your children. You want them to grow up strong and healthy. You want them to be successful. You want them to have dreams. You want them to live.

Having had a glimpse of what life would be like if you were among the poorest of the poor, you can see how the life you have today is so important to the poor. It is the fact that you are not among the poorest of the poor that makes it possible for the poor to get the help they so desperately need.

Our mission is to help families replace this image of poverty with an image of hope and self-reliance. We partner with them and help them live strong and healthy lives, be successful, and dreams again.

We do this by providing families with access to clean water, training in sustainable agriculture, micro-financing to fund small business start ups, and cooperatives that strengthen families and their communities. It is your giving that enables people and communities to come together to fight poverty and create amazing new lives for themselves.