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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Medicine Brings Hope and Healing To Honduras

Maricela was on the verge of tears when she and her five-year old son, Alonzo, entered the rural health clinic we support in rural Honduras.

Alonzo, her pride and joy, was very ill. His little body ached from head to toe, and his fever, already dangerously high, was continuing to climb.

After careful examination, Dr. Avila, a physician at the health clinic, had good news for little Alonzo and his distraught mother. Alonzo had a severe flu, but he would make a full recovery. The medicines previously provided by friends of HOPE International Development Agency would ensure it!

Not every health center and clinic, however, has the medicines and medical supplies like Dr. Avila’s center.

Doctors and nurses are telling us that medicines and medical supplies are running critically low in many of the centers, clinics, and community pharmacies where they deliver life-saving services.

Our last shipment of medicine and medical supplies provided enough medicine and medical supplies to stock health centers, rural health clinics, and community pharmacies serving a population of nearly 250,000 people living in 400 Honduran communities.

Today, we urgently need your help to raise the funds needed to ship two massive transport containers of medicines and medical supplies to Honduras. There’s enough medicine and medical supplies in the containers to help as many as 40,000 people in the next 12 months, primarily children.

Learn more about how you can help send urgently needed medicines and medical supplies to Honduras.