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Thursday, August 8, 2013

6 Steps to a Sustainable Transformation

As we mentioned previously, creating lasting transformations is very important; but how do we actually achieve this?

When people do something for themselves, they are the authors of their own transformation. They know what they need – they understand their struggles. Having them involved in every step of the process solidifies their commitment to the work and ensures a successful outcome.

Root Issue.
The longevity of the solution relies on solving the root issue. It can be easy to confuse the problem with it’s symptoms; if crops aren’t growing, is it because of a lack of irrigation, or because they’re not the right seeds for the climate? When we help them identify the root issue, they can develop an effective response.

Long-Term Vision.
People that feel inspired by what they’re building towards will be committed to its success. A clearly defined vision keeps everyone aligned with the work at hand and keeps the community inspired long after our part is complete.

They need to be able to grow and maintain the solution they implement. An innovative technology that requires a technician with years of training isn’t going to create this lasting transformation. We have to target our solutions to the resource and skill capacities of the people using them.

Once our part is done, the community won’t have to rely on us anymore. Proper training ensures that they can implement a solution from start to finish and can share this knowledge with others in need.

The end goal is to have the community grow and spread the work on their own. A slow transition out provides time to identify weaknesses or issues that may need to be solved. This way, the people are left feeling confident and empowered by what they’ve created.

When people are involved in building something for themselves, they create their own transformation. Our job is simply to help support the process.