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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding a way; always.

Finding a way out of poverty is not easy, especially when everything appears to be conspiring against you.

This is especially true in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ubangi region, where poverty is both deeply rooted and deadly. Living conditions in this region are so desperate that one in every ten children will not reach their fifth birthday.

HOPE International Development Agency is helping families in Ubangi find a way out of poverty. We're helping them learn how to grow more food and earn enough income to become and remain self-reliant.

Twayanga, a young mother and farmer living in Ubangi is a wonderful example of the transformation that takes place when people like you get involved in helping impoverished families find a way out of poverty.

A young mother and farmer, Twayanga had tried harder, worked longer, suffered more than most, but it was all to no avail. The best her sun-baked, lovingly cultivated cornfield could produce was two, maybe three 120kg sacks of low-quality corn per harvest; not near enough.

Today, less than one year after we began helping Twayanga, she grows 5 to 10 times as much corn; sometimes approaching twenty 120kg sacks of corn per harvest in the same fields where she used to grow just two or three sacks of corn.

Twayanga’s yearly harvest income has significantly increased. Her children, formerly at risk of dying, have never been so happy and healthy. The entire family has a new outlook and is well on their way to being free from poverty.