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Monday, February 8, 2010

HAITI UPDATE: More medicines and medical supplies bring more hope!

Four weeks after the earthquake, the staff of Justiniano Hospital, north of Port-au-Prince, continue treating Haitians who fled Port au Prince and surrounding areas in a desperate search for treatment of their injuries.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital are greatly encouraged by the arrival of significant quantities of additional medicines and medical supplies delivered late yesterday afternoon by HOPE International Development Agency. Barry Bartel, a HOPE colleague on the ground in Haiti coordinating the effort, accompanied the shipment.

The shipment is the third such shipment, and more shipments are on the way as workers at the hospital and other distribution areas strive to help as many of the survivors as possible.

A public health specialist assisting at the hospital says that the medicines and medical supplies provided by HOPE International Development Agency are crucial and are exactly what is needed due to high demand and short supply.

Bringing medicines and supplies overland from the Dominican Republic, a strategy employed by HOPE International Development Agency within 24 hours of the earthquake, continues to be a very effective way to deliver the supplies as rapidly as possible.

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